Management Control Models

We can help your organization develop a solid management control model. Our belief is that a management control model is created through an interplay between multiple factors that needs to be coherent. Economic goals and responsibility are central, however other essential elements need to be considered as well. A company’s strategy, organizational structure, planning and follow-up processes, incentive models, and information systems are further areas that together influence the behaviour of the employees and create management control effects. When there is cohesion between all parts and employees show acceptance, the effects can be enormous.

Organizational development

We have a long history of working with organizational development, both in the private and public sector. The organizational development projects are conducted in both administrative functions as well as manufacturing industries with a mutual goal of developing the organization and its processes whilst focusing on increased efficiency, reduced lead-time, increased quality, and/or reduced costs. A common ground for the projects is that we have concrete impact goals which can be evaluated in terms of profitability and quality. We always ensure that the impact goals are fulfilled.

Profitability Enhancement

Organizations today operate in an ever-changing business environment, with fast shifts in consumer behavior and fluctuations in the economy. The global economy creates a possibility for new entrants to enter the market fast, therefore it is more important than ever to know which products and which customers that create the profitability for the organization. We can help you answer the most critical questions in correlation to profitability analysis, portfolio optimization, and standard cost to attain profitability enhancement.

Business analytics

Our core competence within management control models and profitability enhancement combined with the ability to develop robust systems create a unique offer. We concretize profitability and management control models by visualizing relevant information to decision-makers in the organization. From our experience, we know that it is impossible to make profitable and long-term decisions without accessibility to the right information.